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In the comments of last week's #365feministselfie post, I wrote:
I know there's a whole lot of important shit going on today, and I also know that people may disagree with my position, but: I feel more than ever like I want to center our collective humanity in this space. I want us to be visible to each other. I want to talk about happiness, and pain, and every piece of life that we are living, even as the world is changing very dramatically.

I want you to know that I am posting pictures of myself here, and inviting you to post pictures of yourselves, if you are so inclined, because our lives matter to me. And there is, quite understandably, a whole lot of feeling like nothing matters going around.

Please know that I don't post anything here frivolously. This thread means something. Visibility of our individual humanity means something. Evidence of joy in a time of resistance means something. Acknowledging hurt in a time of turmoil means something.

You mean something, and so do I.
As you may have noticed, I try to break up the middle of the day, immediately following the We Resist thread, with the Daily Dose of Cute followed by one of our more light-hearted discussion threads. I like to have at least two daily these days, because the news is so rough, and it's so important to be able to hold onto who we are, to hang on to goodness and light, and to stay connected to community, in grim times.

At the moment, I tend to rotate between a number of fun community threads: The aforementioned #365feministselfie, the Makeup Thread, Fat Fashion, OMG SHOEZ, Shaker Gourmet, Shaker Gardens, Shaker Thumbs, Good Things, The Check-In, Self-Care, Your Best Photograph, the Swimming Thread, Film Corner, TV Corner, What I'm Listening To, Throwback Thursdays, I've Never, and Top Five.

Some, of course, are more regular than others. But that's the basic list.

My question to you is: Are there any fun features that you would like to see added into the rotation? A thread on crafting? A "What I'm Reading Right Now" thread? A thread for DIY projects? Gaming? Collecting? Favorite accessories?

Let me know in comments. I can't promise that I will institute every suggestion, but I will accommodate as much variety as I can!

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