The Swimming Thread

Because of the great feedback and conversations I've had since I started talking more about swimming, I'm going to keep talking about it and opening up space for other people to talk about it, too — whether it's sharing their own feelings about swimming, grousing about lack of accessibility, asking questions about how to dive in (literally), or anything else. So, here's another swimming thread!

image of me swimming in a pool, not particularly gracefully
Look at that amazing form, lol!

As I've said, I'm not a very good technical swimmer, and there is the photo to prove it! I was doing a modified breast stroke there, which is what I spend most of my pool time doing.

One of the many things I love about swimming is that it doesn't matter that my form is shit. All it has to be is good enough to keep me afloat.

And no matter how I look to anyone else, I feel good moving through the water. I feel as good as Katie Ledecky looks!

In the months I've been swimming, my lap times have gotten much faster, because I've gotten stronger. I haven't lost or gained a single pound, but the shape of my body has changed a bit (more muscly). My blood pressure has improved, as has my posture.

So that's all fine. Good confirmation that it's physical self-care as well as psychological self-care. It hasn't always been easy for me to find something that satisfies both needs.

* * *

As before, please use this thread for all swimming-related discussion, and I am happy to answer any and all questions around being a fat woman who swims: How I navigate the locker room, what strokes I do, how I deal with shitty looks and comments, what's the best suit cut for what body shape to cover all the bits, anything.

Have at it in comments!

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