Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Feeling Confident

I'm not sure why White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so certain that Special Counsel Bob Mueller will soon be wrapping up his investigation, no less to the White House's satisfaction, but it sure is interesting that she is, no less that she's pushing the Russia Reversal in the same breath:
"I certainly think he has confidence that they are going to close this up soon," Sanders told Fox News' Bill Hemmer.

Hemmer asked what made her think Mueller's probe would conclude.

"I think we are seeing more and more evidence that shows, look, they've been working on this and investigating this for well into a year through various committees," Sanders said.

..."Every day we find out more and more details about why the President has been right all along and why the Democrats have been wrong all along and I think that each day we're getting closer and closer to closing the loop on this on our front," Sanders added.

"Is that based on news reports or is that based on something else?" Hemmer asked. "Some other channel there at the White House?"

"I think it's based on fact — the fact that there has been no wrongdoing by the Trump campaign and a lot of the reporting that we're seeing coming out, day in, day out with the collusion you've got."

Sanders was referring two stories, mentioned earlier in the interview, which the White House has said shift suspicion away from [Donald] Trump and toward Democrats.

...Hemmer pressed: "To be clear now, no one from the Department of Justice have told you or anyone at the White House that it should be wrapping up soon. I just want to be clear on that."

"I have not spoken with anybody at the Department of Justice on that front, but I think that we are seeing that it is getting closer to conclusion," Sanders said, failing to provide support for the claim.
Just pure speculation "based on fact," like the fact that Donald Trump wants to lock up Hillary Clinton.

I don't know that Bob Mueller has been compromised. I know only that it's perilous to have one man carry this much responsibility, because it's easy for one man to be compromised. (It's hard to outsmart or out-principle threats to one's family, for instance.) That's why it's safer to have diverse responsibility, like a special investigatory council or a Congress who will do their fucking jobs.

Anyway. I will again note that all of this feels not right to me.

And I'll note again that I think the best for which we have to hope at this point is Manafort as a fall guy. Maybe Flynn.

But the confidence of the White House right now does not reflect the behavior I'd expect from a group of cowardly, disloyal reprobates who have any fear at all of accountability or consequences.

I hope I'm wrong. I really do.

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