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[Content Note: War on agency] Teddy Wilson has the appalling details on the omnibus abortion bill passed in Indiana, which Governor Mike Pence signed into law "on the last day he could approve or reject legislation this year," despite the fact that it was so onerous that even some Republican state legislatures did not support it. Once again, the Republican-controlled Indiana state legislature is acting in contravention of the will of the people, and has ushered in under the auspices of "women's health" a sweeping piece of hot garbage legislation that is entire hostile to public health.

[CN: Homophobia] In better news, Republican Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced he will veto "HB 757, a 'religious liberty' bill that would enable, among other things, organizations like adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples without jeopardizing their state funding. Deal explained that he found the language in the final version of the bill of 'concern,' noting that it could enable some forms of state-sanctioned discrimination." Towleroad has the full transcript of Deal's remarks.

[CN: Homophobia; transphobia] Last week, when North Carolina passed its heinous anti-LGBT bill, I noted: "The LGBTQI people of North Carolina...are now left with no option but to pursue recourse through the courts." And so they are: "Three individuals and two LGBT advocacy groups early Monday morning filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the recently passed North Carolina law that nullified local LGBT rights ordinances and restricted transgender people's access to restrooms. 'By singling out LGBT people for disfavored treatment and explicitly writing discrimination against transgender people into state law, H.B. 2 violates the most basic guarantees of equal treatment and the U.S. Constitution,' the lawsuit argues. The complaint argues the law violates people's equal protection, privacy, and liberty rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and their civil rights under Title IX of the Education Act of 1972. The lawsuit is asking for a declaratory judgment that the law violates the Constitution and Title IX and an injunction against enforcement of the law."

[CN: Guns] Good grief: "An online petition to allow the open carry of firearms at this summer's Republican National Convention is rapidly gaining signatures and attention, applying pressure to pro-gun rights Republican officials and presidential contenders to walk the walk when it comes to guns. Begun anonymously a week ago, the petition has collected more than 42,000 signatures as of Monday morning, putting it well on its way to a goal of 50,000." There are, unfortunately, a number of liberals who are reacting with glee to this petition (which itself might have been started by someone as a "joke"), but please note that there will be a number of women and marginalized men obliged to work the convention who would be at real risk for harm, or trauma, if this actually happens.

[CN: Guns] Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton writes in a powerful op-ed: "It's time we stand up to the Republicans and the gun lobby and stand with parents who have lost their children to gun violence. I have no illusions about how hard the politics around this issue are, but I refuse to sit on the sidelines while more children die. I am convinced that the majority of Americans—and the majority of gun owners—agree on the need for common-sense safety reforms. ...We have to stand with parents who have lost children in New York and in communities all over America, and not rest until every child can walk safely down any street in every neighborhood and every borough. ...As President, I'll stand with the families victimized by guns, not the corporations that profit from them."

In other Hillary Clinton news: "Hillary was honored by the Puyallup Tribe with two powerful gifts: A blanket and a Lushootseed Indian name."

Toxic Trump: "Just Eight GOP Senators up for Re-Election Would Definitely Back Trump."

Toxic Trump: "More Republicans are planning to vote for Hillary than Democrats are planning to vote for Trump."

Toxic Trump: "Here in Wisconsin we value things like civility, decency, and actual conservative principles."

In other news: A new study has found "that American business would take a major hit without the innovation that immigrants bring to its shores. Recent research from non-partisan nonprofit National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) reveals that of the 87 American startups that are currently valued at $1 billion+, 44 of them (51 percent) were created by immigrants. The collective value of those companies sits at $168 billion. And 71 percent of all big-ticket startups have immigrants in key management or development roles, with CEO, CTO, and VP of engineering as the most common job titles. The founders came from 20 countries, with India leading the way with 14 people. China, Argentina, Egypt, and Iraq also appear on the list."

Loretta Lynn + Willie Nelson = WIN. WWWWWIIIIINNNNN!

Neat! "Scientists around the world are racing to turn quantum computing theory into a practical reality that could transform countless industries with computing grunt faster than we've ever imagined. But nobody has yet managed to build a quantum computing circuit of useful scale because of the impracticability and expense of resources needed. Researchers from Griffith University and the University of Queensland have brought us one step closer after they discovered a way to make the building blocks of quantum computing, quantum logic gates, bigger."

[CN: Moving gifs at link] And finally! "This Wednesday, during a Brazilian championship match between Oeste and Capivariano teams, a lovely pooch interrupted the game by running straight into the field. But no one was bothered too much. On the contrary, the dog melted everyone's hearts. 'It's not just the players who wanna show talent here, the dog is also a part of the show!' the announcer said joyfully. Then, one of the players gently approached the pup and carried the little star out of the field with the crowd giving a wholehearted cheer. Best of all, the announcer also saw the beautiful moment as a chance to spread an important message to everyone watching: 'Be good to an animal, to a dog. It's the least a human being can do to give back for all that they give us.' Well said, indeed." Blub.

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