Ron Paul: Freedom Fucker

Ron Paul is for freedom! Ron Paul loves liberty! And other alliterative phrases about Ron Paul and his independence-championing ways!

Not so fast, people with wombs.

Female voiceover, over images of Ron Paul doing doctory things: Dr. Ron Paul. More than 4,000 babies delivered. A man of faith. Committed to protecting life.

Laura Mays, former patient, an older white woman: Some people need to have a good word said about them. Ron is the sort of person that his life is his good word.

Marcie Holt, former patient, an older white woman: You know, you just knew that Ron cared about you. Life begins at conception [image of white baby's feet] in my opinion and, as a result, I loved to go to a doctor who felt the same way.

Kara Gore, a younger white woman: He not only protects unborn life, but he also walks through journeys with women, and he has for years.

Holt: I love the fact that he hasn't changed in all these years. Ron's still the same guy, saying the same things, and now, all these years later, still standing his ground.

Mays: Ron did not let Washington change him.

Diane Wilson, former patient, a middle-aged white woman: It's not hard for someone who's a Christian and who truly believes to stay on the right path, and I think that's what kind of person Ron Paul is.

Gore: America has to have someone like Ron Paul today. There is no question.

Text Onscreen: Ron Paul 2012 | Restore America Now.
Yiiiiiiiiiiiikes. That is very heavy-handed! Ron Paul may be a doctor and a congressman, but he is clearly no professor of subtlety!

It would have been a lot faster and cheaper to write, "I am anti-choice. I am racist. Mitt Romney is a poophead." on a piece of paper and upload it to geocities.ronpaul2008.fart.

The pink fades between each interviewee were a nice touch, though. Where "nice" equals some value of "LOL FUCK OFF."

I pretty much already said everything I had to say earlier today on Twitter, on the subject of Ron Paul and his hilarious contention to be a champion of freedom despite being anti-choice. But, for those who don't follow my stupendously awesome Twitter feed (I talk about how Ron Paul stinks AND frequently about Deeky's butt, so), here is my series of tweets, in all their disjointed glory...

I will say again that Ron Paul cannot be considered a champion of "liberty" so long as he believes women's bodies should be state property.

"Freedom" and an anti-choice position are fundamentally incompatible.

I can't put it more plainly than this: I am not free, if the word is to have any meaning at all, as long as Ron Paul is up in my uterus.

A major issue w/ which progressives have yet to seriously reckon is how often candidates who are good for men are simply not good for women.

In case my point remains unclear: Ron Paul is terrible for women.

He's terrible for lots of other people too, but overlooking his anti-choice record while touting his record on "freedom" is esp. mendacious.

Have I mentioned Ron Paul's terrible record on reproductive choice? It's terrrrrrrrrrrrrible. Just FYI.

Ron Paul is a defender of freedom for men. Which I guess is cool if you're a dude.

(Yeah, I don't actually think it's cool for any dude, lol.)

In summation: Ron Paul stinks.

The end.

[H/T to @ShelbyKnox.]

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