An Observation About Joe Biden Apologia

There are already 16 people running to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, many of them well-qualified for the position and eminently capable of defeating Donald Trump, given free and fair elections, and none of them already two-time presidential losers among whose many reasons for failing to clinch the nomination is having plagiarized someone else's life story.

Yet an enormous number of people are aggressively defending Joe Biden against accusations of inappropriate touching as though he were the only possible candidate and not merely one potential member of a vast, historically diverse field — and, at that, arguably one of the weaker candidates despite his name recognition, because of his history of sexist and racist "humor" and his decidedly inglorious performance during Anita Hill's testimony at Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearing, all of which puts him firmly outside the aesthetic of the modern progressive era.

(And that isn't even to mention his legislative record, which is a whole other story.)

I keep hearing that I'm the problem, because don't I understand that we need to defeat Donald Trump?! I surely do. I just don't think that whether Joe Biden runs matters in that regard. In fact, I believed even before this particular conversation about Joe Biden's "open secret" that he was not the right person to run against a man whose policy planks read like the punchlines of Biden's bigoted "jokes."

Especially not when there are 16 other people running already, a number of whom would make very fine nominees, as I would expect any Democrat to recognize.

It's almost as though defending Joe Biden isn't really the point, but defending a man's right to touch other people however he pleases is.


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