Ugh, Joe Biden, Shut Up

During the Congressional swearing-in ceremony, Vice President Joe Biden was on hand to greet new members and pose for pictures and other stand-here-and-smile-and-hope-the-president-doesn't-die duties, and every time a daughter, niece, grand-daughter, or whatever young female relation was introduced to him, he made the same joke: "No dates/no men until you're 30." Har har.

[Video Description: Just scene after scene of Vice President Joe Biden meeting little girls and young women, and saying some variation on "No dates/men until you're 30," followed by family members laughing politely.]

Apart from the fact that Biden's a hack, and a hetercentrist hack at that, and the fact that there is a distinct (and creepy) difference between making that horrible garbage joke to a little girl and a woman who is in her 20s (especially while you're sort of leering at her? ew), I can't even begin to put into sufficiently contemptuous words how NOT the job of the Vice President of the United States of America it is to even jokingly be the hall monitor of young women's sexuality.

That Joe Biden loves to make sexist jokes (and express his sexism in other ways, ahem) is not news, which is why he shouldn't have been made vice president. But of course treating women as less than isn't a disqualifying characteristic for the executive branch.

Being a woman is.

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