Biden Slavery

Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe Joe Biden? (Oh yeah, I guess I have.) Not five months after his crass statement about Indian-Americans, he’s at it again, trying to ingratiate himself with a crowd of Republicans by being a racist ass:
“I want to thank you all for allowing me a trip here to speak to only Republicans. It’s like my hometown. I just won every district in my state except the one I live in,” he quipped.

The crowd howled.

The senator then pounced on a member’s announcement that the club would hold its annual Christmas party at the state Department of Archives and History where members could view the original copy of the state’s Articles of Secession.

Biden asked, “Where else could I go to a Rotary Club where (for a) Christmas party the highlight is looking at the Articles?”

Biden was on a roll.

Delaware, he noted, was a “slave state that fought beside the North. That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way.”

The crowd loved it.
Hilarious. Go see Lambert for more.

I’m continually amazed what short political memories Americans have. Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign was cut short after he was discovered to have plagiarized the speech of British politician Neil Kinnock and, in so doing, presented facts about Kinnock’s life as his own life story—and they weren’t even true! Forget for a moment that Biden is a craven, disingenuous, opportunistic weasel with a propensity to tell sexist and racist “jokes” in public appearances; the guy’s also a thief and a liar.
Crawford Clarkson, a retired account executive, said Biden’s speech “was outstanding. He had something to say. Right now, I would say he’s the best the Democrats have to offer in 2008.”
That says more about Republican voters than Democratic candidates, I think.

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