Christie Unintentionally Reveals Trump's Strategy

Appearing on Morning Joe to promote his new book which I can't wait to never read, Chris Christie told co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough that he offered Donald Trump some advice on how to deal with Special Counsel Bob Mueller's investigation:
Christie said he told Trump not to "be fooled" by what his "C-level legal team" was telling him about the investigation wrapping up promptly. Christie, a former federal prosecutor, said he's known Mueller for years and insisted the probe would take "a long time."

"There's no way you can make this investigation shorter, but there's lots of ways you can make it longer," Christie recalled telling Trump. "And the way you can do that is to keep talking about it and tweeting about it, because every time you do that, prosecutors say, 'Great, more things for us to chase down.'"

"I can tell you that I must have said this to him two dozen times over the last two years: 'You need to stop, you're making this worse,'" he added.
Christie says that Trump failed to heed this advice, but I think Trump heard Christie loud and clear: The more Trump gives Mueller to investigate, the longer the investigation drags on. And, as I've said dozens of times before like the brokenest of broken records, the longer Mueller's investigation takes, the more time the Republicans have to consolidate power.

Trump definitely took Christie's advice. Just not the way it was intended.

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