The Time Is Now: Get Trump Outta There

I just did a brief thread on Twitter, which I will also share here for anyone who missed it and/or cannot view Twitter:
At a certain point (long since passed IMO), there is enough evidence that any person can easily observe of this president's ignorance, disloyalty, and malice to agree that he should be removed from office without waiting on conclusions from investigators and/or Congress.

I don't even need "proof" of anything beyond what I can't see with my own damn eyes to know that Trump is unfit and dangerous. (As is everyone with whom he surrounds himself.)

What we can observe, in public, on Twitter, every day, is enough to justify Congressional action to begin the legal process for removing Trump from office. There is no reason to wait, and every reason to be urgent and decisive.
My friend Sarah Kendzior replied to me, writing: "The damage he and his administration cause will last for decades. He's a sociopath backed by a transnational crime syndicate. Every day they spend in the highest echelons of power with access to intel and arms puts the world at risk. It's way beyond partisanship or bad policies."

To which I responded: "Exactly. And his unfitness is so far beyond what our laws are even structured to address. Virtually all of the most dangerous, destabilizing stuff he tweets, for example, isn't illegal."

It's just intolerable to me that we're still in this place where people insist we need "proof." PROOF OF WHAT? THE THINGS WE CAN ALL SEE HAPPENING EVERY DAY?! There is more observable "proof" of Donald Trump's limitless unfitness for the presidency than could ever be necessary to justify aggressively pursuing his removal.

We have the agent of a foreign government sitting in the Oval Office. What greater motivation could we possibly need to take action?

And lest anyone imagine I am singularly tasking Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats with this urgent objective, I am also and especially expecting the Republicans to get with the fucking program, no matter how shamefully unlikely they are to support Trump's removal, because I expect more. Always more. And frankly it's impossible to expect less of that party of traitorous cowards at this point.

And I further expect all of the American people to get their shit together, too. The MAGA contingent may be a lost cause, but the overwhelming majority of Americans who aren't Trump cultists are not as engaged in this fight as they should be.

I feel like we exist in this weird half-space, where most people are somehow simultaneously in denial about the gravity of what's happening and also already resigned to whatever happens next. It's like the American Exceptionalism and "Adapt or Die" mentalities are battling each other and both inexplicably winning.

And/or: As soon as people realize what's actually happening, they immediately just give up.

Yes, it's daunting. But we have to keep saying this over and over: I can see what Donald Trump is. And he needs to be removed.

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