Discussion Thread: Good Things

One of the ways we resist the demoralization and despair in which exploiters of fear like Trump thrive is to keep talking about the good things in our lives.

Because, even though it feels very much (and rightly so) like we are losing so many things we value, there are still daily moments of joy or achievement or love or empowering ferocity or other kinds of fulfillment.

Maybe you've experienced something big worth celebrating; maybe you've just had a precious moment of contentment; maybe getting out of bed this morning was a success worthy of mention.

News items worth celebrating are also welcome.

So, whatever you have to share that's good, here's a place to do it.

* * *

As you know, I have so many hilarious text conversations with Deeky W. Gashlycrumb every day of our lives, and I am so grateful for each of them. He is a good egg and a good friend, and he brings lots of good things to my life, including lots of laughter. ♥

Coincidentally, after I had already composed the above paragraph, Deeks texted me the below screenshot of an old text conversation, so we could laugh at it all over again, which I am now sharing with you, with his permission:

screenshot of a text conversation, described below
Deeky: Poll: Hitchcock or Skully?

[Hitchcock and Scully are two characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

Liss: Both. At once.

Deeky: Okay, this took an unexpected turn.

Liss: Hahahahaha

Deeky: Lololol

Liss: [GIF of Hitchcock and Scully high-fiving]
First of all, I need to tell you, friends, that this was not an unexpected turn. It was an entirely expected turn based on literally every other conversation we've ever had.

Secondly, are you even looking at the picture of me that Deeky is using (and has been using FOR YEARS) as my contact photo in his phone?! Hahahahaha he is a monster! I never would have sent him FULLY ONE MILLION selfies of me making terrible faces if I'd known he was going to pick NOT EVEN THE WORST ONE to use like that!

(I am definitely not mad that he's using that photo.) (I am laughing so hard my face is cracking.) (GOOD THINGS!)

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