The Golden Globes Thread

[Content Note: Rape culture.]

I didn't watch the Golden Globes last night, because I didn't have the wherewithal to watch a bunch of wealthy, powerful women talking about how "things are going to be different now!" and wealthy, powerful men posturing about how they totes care about sexual harassment and assault.

That's not to suggest that no one there was earnest: To the absolute contrary, there were a number of women in attendance who have long spoken out about women's safety and representation in the industry, women like Ashley Judd and Viola Davis and Eva Longoria and Geena Davis, and I couldn't bear to watch them have to suffer through the disingenuous preening of people who treat dismantling the rape culture like a fucking bandwagon.

Some lousy dude makes a milquetoast statement about #MeToo. Cut to Debra Messing's reaction in the audience.

Nah. I just couldn't do it.

I couldn't watch the show, and I couldn't watch the red carpet, where I knew there would be an abundance of shit like Justin Timberlake wearing "a Time's Up button and all-black, despite the fact that his latest film was Woody Allen's Wonder Wheel," and of course nobody asking him about that inherent hypocrisy.

And because I am a feminist killjoy, I need to complain with a massive pout that Oprah gave one speech at the Golden Globes (a speech which I just watched and frankly thought was fine, but nothing special) and now "President Oprah" is trending on Twitter.

Countless people said they had to hold their noses to vote for Hillary Clinton, or couldn't bring themselves to vote for her at all, but Oprah just has to give one speech and people are ready to vote her into the Oval Office? Fuck off. The lesson we've learned from electing Donald Trump cannot be that having no political experience isn't disqualifying.

We will literally never have a career public servant as a president again, because patriots who dedicate their lives to public service make mistakes — and also make policy decisions that don't look good 20 years later, through the lens of progress.

It's impossible to look "perfect" for decades, but it's possible to look "perfect" while delivering a single speech. That doesn't make someone fit for the goddamn presidency!

This is why I wasn't up for the Golden Globes.

Anyway! It sounds like Seth Meyers did all right, and the usual suspects were doing the heavy lifting, as Debra Messing and Eva Longoria called out E!'s bullshit right to their correspondents' faces.

There were probably other good and bad things about the show I didn't watch, so here's a thread for discussion!

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