Trump Is a Stable Genius, Surrounded by Other Stable Geniuses

On Saturday, during his morning tweetshitz, Donald Trump tweeted a pronouncement that he is a "very stable genius."

Sure. As we all know, people who are stable geniuses are always tweeting about what stable geniuses they are. Just to make sure everyone knows.

Obviously, Trump, being the stable genius that he is, has surrounded himself with other stable geniuses, like Stephen Miller, the White House's Nazi-in-residence, who is such a stable genius that his appearance on CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper ended the way all interviews with stable geniuses end — with the host cutting you off for being a reprehensible hack and telling you so.

MILLER: ...the real experience of Donald Trump —

TAPPER: You, you — There's one view that you care about right now, and you're being obsequious, and you're being a factotum, to please him, okay?

MILLER: No, no! No, you know who I care about?

TAPPER: And I think I've wasted enough of my viewers' time.

MILLER: You know who I care about?

TAPPER: Thank you, Stephen.

MILLER: Hey, Jake! [crosstalk]

TAPPER: As Republican lawmakers call for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, in a major reversal Democrats are now...
And then, of course, that stable genius had to be escorted out by security after refusing to leave, prompting the host to return to air after a commercial break by saying, "Welcome back to State of the Union — and to Planet Earth. I'm Jake Tapper."

All perfectly normal stuff when dealing with stable geniuses.


The president and his minions are clearly reckless, erratic, impulsive men (and like three women) whose IQs are far less relevant than the fact that they are spectacularly ignorant and determined to remain so — and, even more importantly, are unwaveringly committed to malice as the centerpiece of their policymaking.

Trump is not a "very stable genius," and the most notable fact about his saying so is that it reminds us all that what he is is an inveterate liar and megalomaniac with zero perspective on himself.

But Trump could literally be the most stable, most intelligent, and most honest person in Washington, D.C., and none of it would fucking matter at all if he persisted nonetheless in being the most cruel.

And in valuing cruelty above all, maybe even above loyalty, in the people he employs.

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