Discussion Thread: How Are You?

As relieved as I am that Senate Republicans have delayed the vote on their revolting excuse for a healthcare bill, I am feeling anxious that the delay will only give them time to regroup and convince the hold-outs to return to the fold, as they always seem to evitably do, when the choice is between principles or party.

I'm trying to be optimistic, though: The delay gives us more time to resist, too — to make more calls, to disseminate the facts, to move people to take action.

Overall, I'm feeling frustrated with and powerless about national politics. Every day, however, I feel more strongly that building community in order to validate each other and create Ungaslighting Zones is more important than ever, and I am here for it. Harm mitigation motivates me.

Aside from politics, I'm all right. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend at a restaurant I'd never tried before, and I ate some delicious manicotti. Can't complain about that.

How are you?

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