You Can't Believe It? I Can.

[Content Note: Misogyny; harassment.]

Bernie Sanders has been making the rounds with Democratic Senators, many of whom are "are privately seething over Sanders continuing to paint Clinton as the candidate of Wall Street and business and the party as corrupt." Gee, I can't imagine why.
Sanders has reached out to multiple Senate colleagues in an attempt to assuage them. Among them is Senator Barbara Boxer of California, whose keynote speech at the Nevada state Democratic convention last weekend was disrupted by rowdy Sanders supporters in a situation she described as frightening and out of control.

Boxer said she conveyed her concerns to Sanders in "a really nice talk" with him Tuesday. "I told him how bad it was in Nevada. He said he was distressed about it, and he expressed chagrin about it. I told him 'Bernie, you need to get a hold of it,' and he said he would."

"He said, 'I can't believe my people would do this,'" said Boxer, who is stepping down from the Senate in January. "He got the point."
Did he, though? Because I still haven't heard him say anything meaningful publicly. Which is what needs to happen.

And, frankly, if he "can't believe" that some of his supporters would do something like scream down Boxer using misogynist slurs, then he is profoundly out of touch with a large part of his base. And hasn't been listening. At all. Because women and our allies have been been raising red flags about this shit for almost a year.

When I wrote this piece in January about the noxious behavior of a number of his supporters, it had already been going on for months.

And the reality is, this has always been a top-down strategy. For him to pretend otherwise is just a deflection of accountability.

He's the leader of this movement. He wants all of the power and all of the accolades, but none of the responsibility.

[H/T to Peter Daou.]

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