Hey, Hillary, What Are You Even Doing? Oh Right! Trying to Build a Democratic Senate Majority!

This is what building a progressive movement looks like:
Hillary Clinton, seeking a governing coalition if she wins the White House, is pumping millions of dollars into key battleground states at the heart of her presidential map and Democrats' quest to regain control of the Senate.

The Democratic National Committee and state parties are spending about $2 million initially to build coordinated campaigns in eight battleground states with competitive Senate races. The money is being raised by Clinton's campaign through her Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that allows Clinton to raise large checks of more than $350,000 from wealthy donors.

Democrats say the coordinated effort, now a staple in presidential campaigns, will try to build up the party's network of field organizers earlier in the election and work more closely with Senate, House and state and local campaigns than in previous election cycles.

The fortunes of Clinton and the Democratic Senate candidates are tightly wound. Democrats need a net gain of five seats to recapture control of the Senate, which could be pivotal for Clinton to move her agenda through Congress if she wins the White House. And many Senate candidates could see their futures shaped by Clinton's performance.
The Victory Fund has raised tons of cash, only some of which has been distributed at this point, but more will be funneled to campaigns now that the candidates have been determined by the state primaries.

And here's some cool related news: "If Democrats take back the Senate in 2016, they'll likely have women to thank for it. The party is likely to have at least six female nominees who are challenging Republican incumbents in their top-targeted states, helping them flip the four seats necessary to take back Senate control, if Democrats hold the White House. And Democrats believe they have the perfect storm brewing to help them do that—likely the first female presidential nominee coupled with a probable GOP nominee who has a well-documented history of controversial remarks about women."

(There is more about the women who are running at the link!)

I can't think of a more amazing defeat for a sexist scoundrel like Donald Trump than to lose to the first female president accompanied by a new Democratic Senate majority delivered by women.

Please, Maude: Let it be so.

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