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Here is some stuff in the news today...

Hillary Clinton's emails! (I will have a dedicated post about this later, so save discussion for that thread, please.)

[Content Note: War on agency; anti-LGBT bigotry] "Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will meet in June with conservative religious leaders, including those from anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ organizations, in a closed-door 'conversation.'" Where, presumably, he will reassure them that he promises to be just as heinous on abortion access and queer rights as they want him to be.

[CN: Transphobia] "Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will announce a lawsuit against the federal government on Wednesday over the Obama administration's guidance on transgender students." Because of course he will. And, once again, I will note: The next time you hear some asshole saying that elections don't matter, that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, remind them of how a Democratic president is doing everything he can to protect transgender USians, and one of the biggest organizations from which he has to try to protect them is Republicans.

[CN: Descriptions of sexual assault; rape culture; racism] This is an absolutely horrifying story, and incredibly difficult to read, about a black disabled teenager who was raped by his white teammates on the high school football team. Toxic masculinity meets white supremacy meets sports culture. I am absolutely sick about every aspect of this heinous attack, part of an ongoing and escalating campaign of bullying and assault that was not sufficiently addressed by the adults ostensibly charged with the care of these students, and I take up space in solidarity with the victim.

[CN: Eliminationist racism; gun violence; death; white supremacy; death penalty] Dylann Roof is a killer whose vicious white supremacist mass murderer whose actions probably test the convictions of many death penalty opponents. But here is "Why We Must Stand Against the Death Penalty, Even in the Case of Racist Murderer Dylann Roof."

[CN: Misogyny] Tsai Ing-wen was sworn in on Friday as Taiwan's first female president, and already she's the subject of a widely criticized opinion piece, published by the Chinese state media's Xinhua news agency, claiming that she has exhibited "erratic behavior" because: "As a single female politician, Tsai Ing-wen does not have the emotional burden of love, of 'family,' or children, so her political style and strategies are displayed to be more emotional, personal, and extreme." Sounds legit!

[CN: Racism; patriarchy] "Young Black and Latino men need trusted pathways to skills development and mental health resources to succeed, according to a new report. Market research firm Motivational Educational Entertainment Productions drew from the results of nine focus groups to develop 'Heard, Not Judged: Insights into the Talents, Realities, and Needs of Young Men of Color.' The groups featured Black and Latino men ages 18 to 24... 'BMOC are extremely stressed out, taken off task by distractions and temptation, don't believe in the American Dream, and can barely see beyond surviving. They feel trapped at the bottom of the ladder because of a lack of resources, negative peer pressure, and racism. They are afraid to fail and lack awareness and trust of resources currently available to help them.'" Fucking hell.

[CN: Discussion of homophobia] "How an Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall in Love with Subaru." Love. P.S. Iain and I totally own a Subaru, and that is not a coincidence!

Hahahahahahaha! "A stealthy, stronger line of female salamanders are skipping sex and stealing DNA from males instead." TEACH US YOUR WAYS.

And finally! "Is This the Most Beautiful Horse in the World?" PROBABLY!!!

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