What the F@#k Is This Article?!

[Content Note: Misogyny; racism; dehumanization.]

Apparently not content with containing their misogyny to Hillary Clinton, Newsweek has published a profile of her chief aide, Huma Abedin—or, rather, what reads a lot more like a hit piece on both Abedin and Clinton, masquerading as a profile.

There is a whole lot to deconstruct here, and I'll leave it to you to tease out every shred of indecency in comments, but I just want to note some of the things that Newsweek evidently believe are okay things to say about a Muslim woman of color:

* "For most of the past 20 years, Huma Mahmood Abedin, now a vice chair of Hillary Clinton's campaign, has served as Clinton's 'body-woman'—basically a glorified lady's maid."

* "The perpetually lipsticked and soigné Abedin is elegant and gentle—qualities Clinton sometimes lacks—but also relentlessly obedient, a quality her boss treasures." (OBEDIENT. IS SHE A DOG?)

* "selfless servility"

* "She does some bag-schlepping, but her job has evolved: She carries her own purse (she has a collection of designer 'it' bags)."

* "Like her boss, Abedin has mastered the steely glare"

* "But after a career of being seen but not heard..." (OH COOL SHE'S BEEN UPGRADED FROM A DOG TO A CHILD)

* "From the wounded master who taught her everything she knows, she has learned that to be candid is to be crucified."

I mean. Wow.

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