Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Privilege.]

"Hi Bernie Supporters. I'm writing to not just ask, but beg you to vote for Hillary in the General Election. ...The #NeverHillary crowd is incredibly privileged. A Trump Presidency would be a minor annoyance to white, middle-class, college educated progressives. ...To my community a Trump Presidency is an existential threat. Millions of Latino families will be torn apart. Muslim citizens would have their freedom of movement eliminated. ...If you really care about the future of the movement, you need to vote for Hillary to prevent Trump."—Anthony Flores, in a terrific piece, "Bernie Supporters: People of Color Need You to Vote for Hillary. And You're Going to Need Us."

As an aside, I think he (inadvertently) sounds a little cavalier about abortion access, when he says it's protected by Roe v. Wade, which elides the decimation of access on the state level. But he's right in the sense that abortion access will always be available to the people to whom he's writing this letter. It's the people on whose behalf he's writing it that most stand to risk further erosion of their reproductive rights, so, really, it's just another reason that the people at whom it's directed need to support Hillary Clinton, if they really care about people of color. As they have been insistently purporting.

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