Dump Trump. With Integrity.

[Content Note: Disablism; appearance and name mockery.]

Looking ahead to the distinct possibility of having to wage a battle to keep Donald Trump out of the White House (although this will be operative for anyone who gets the GOP nomination), I want to talk about the language and strategies that progressives will use to do that.

I have previously written about the importance of not using ableist slurs and instead saying what you mean. (Read that link as background to the rest of this piece.)

There is already an enormous amount of "Donald Trump is crazy," and making fun of his appearance, and [CN: video autoplays at link] care of John Oliver, a campaign to rename Donald Trump as "Drumpf," his family's name before it was changed.

If you care about not stigmatizing people with mental illness, or not tacitly condoning looks-based bullying, or allowing people to go by whatever name they choose (which has particular importance to trans people), then you will be keen to find other ways to talk about Donald Trump.

Which is to say nothing of the fact that calling him crazy, or making fun of his appearance, or mocking his name, doesn't convey even a little how heinous his policies are and what a dangerous person he is.

That's why it's important to say what you mean. If you mean Donald Trump is indecent, say that. If you mean that Donald Trump is a bully, say that. If you mean that Donald Trump is a vainglorious poseur who incessantly disgorges rank bigotry masquerading as policy, then say that.

Using words that have meaning is not only a decent thing to do, to save others from the rhetorical buckshot of ableist and other problematic language, but it addresses in a serious way the reasons why Donald Trump should never, ever, be president.

That said, I am aware of the fact that it can be useful—and feels good—to have some creative shorthand to convey just how terrible Trump is. So, because I am nothing if not generous, here are 50 ways to say that Trump is the fucking worst that don't rely on marginalizing language. Borrow at will!

1. Donald Trump is the unfiltered id of the Republican Party's gross platform.

2. Donald Trump is a nightmare disaster.

3. Donald Trump is a vile scoundrel.

4. Donald Trump is a fascist carnival barker whose entire candidacy is a raging dumpster fire.

5. Donald Trump is a calamitous wreck of undiluted privilege.

6. Donald Trump is a bigotry tornado.

7. Donald Trump is a celebrity chef with nothing but garbage stew on his menu.

8. Donald Trump is a colossal dirtbag.

9. Donald Trump is a harbinger of harm.

10. Donald Trump is a sack of gold-plated prejudice in overpriced shoes.

11. Donald Trump is a shameless purveyor of Social Darwinist trash.

12. Donald Trump is a catastrophic mess whose policies are diarrheic dogshit.

13. Donald Trump is a lie-breathing dragon.

14. Donald Trump is a yuuuuuuuuuuuge jerkbag with an advanced degree in dangerous nincompoopery.

15. Donald Trump is a loathsome zealot with the lingering smell of sulfur where his decency should be.

16. Donald Trump is a full-tilt bad idea machine.

17. Donald Trump is a cataclysmic chauvinist and nationalistic fiend.

18. Donald Trump is a self-aggrandizing creep.

19. Donald Trump is a gargantuan reprobate who surrounds himself with simpering sycophants.

20. Donald Trump is a detestable scapegrace.

21. Donald Trump is a Brobdingnagian bulldozer with zero empathy.

22. Donald Trump is an epically insecure poltroon who masks his insecurity and cowardice with transparent braggadocio.

23. Donald Trump is all circus and no bread.

24. Donald Trump is a human Hell House.

25. Donald Trump is the beating heart of authoritarianism with an artifice of patriotism.

26. Donald Trump is an anthropomorphized foul stench.

27. Donald Trump is a dastardly villain with ruinous machinations.

28. Donald Trump is an apocalyptic rogue.

29. Donald Trump is a shitty scofflaw who relies on his wealth to protect him from consequence.

30. Donald Trump is a collapsed flan filled with arsenic and poop.

31. Donald Trump is a magistrate of miscreancy.

32. Donald Trump is the kind of asshole who relocates the bootstraps factory offshore then scolds the laid-off workers for not having any bootstraps.

33. Donald Trump is a self-polishing turd.

34. Donald Trump is the sickening grimace of a menacing horror.

35. Donald Trump is an antagonistic shit who thrives on waging social affliction.

36. Donald Trump is a nefarious nogoodnik.

37. Donald Trump is exponentially awful.

38. Donald Trump is an anti-vacuum who disgorges a cyclonic cloud of grit and soot every time he opens his filthy mouth.

39. Donald Trump is the personification of dread.

40. Donald Trump is a noxious stain on the underpants of humanity.

41. Donald Trump is a symphony of repugnance played by demons on broken instruments.

42. Donald Trump is an abhorrent spectre of ghastly oppression.

43. Donald Trump is a dude who steps on people's backs and then complains that their bony spines are hurting his delicate feet.

44. Donald Trump is a looming atrocity.

45. Donald Trump is profoundly unpleasant, an understatement as massive as his ego.

46. Donald Trump is a void of joy.

47. Donald Trump is an unrepentant braggart whose favorite boast is how terrible he is.

48. Donald Trump is a human scowl.

49. Donald Trump is a putrid malevolence poised to contaminate the entire country.

50. Donald Trump is the fucking worst.

You're welcome.

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