So I'm reading this New York Times piece about Team Clinton's developing plan to defeat Donald Trump in the general election—good preparation should that increasingly likely possibility come to be reality—and I see this:
That strategy is beginning to take shape, with groups that support Mrs. Clinton preparing to script and test ads that would portray Mr. Trump as a misogynist and an enemy to the working class whose brash temper would put the nation and the world in grave danger. The plan is for those themes to be amplified later by two prominent surrogates: To fight Mr. Trump's ability to sway the news cycle, Mr. Clinton would not hold back on the stump, and President Obama has told allies he would gleefully portray Mr. Trump as incapable of handling the duties of the Oval Office.
Emphasis mine.

It hadn't yet even occurred to me to contemplate what it will look like when comes the time at which President Obama will be stumping for the Democratic nominee, and I feel really good about the fact that the President will play this role in the campaign.

And that he will do it "gleefully."

I am positively delighted myself just thinking about it.

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