Come On

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Here is a thing I am tired of seeing: Hillary Clinton shouldn't be the nominee because Donald Trump and his supporters and the Republican Machine will unleash ungodly amounts of vicious misogyny against her and she'll lose.

Fuck that forever.

Is the argument that we're seriously supposed to wait until we eradicate misogyny to nominate a woman, without a trace of irony that keeping women out of visible positions of power because they are women is a key tool in ongoingly facilitating misogyny?

Haha of course not! It's always just an argument about this woman. And by that I don't even mean Hillary Clinton; I mean any woman who is qualified and competent and ready to assume a role previously held exclusively by men.

It's just Hillary Clinton in this situation. But there are endless situations in which projected misogynist blowback is reason to just stick with a dude for now.

'Til some vague and mysterious time in the future when misogyny won't be an issue anymore. Apparently.

And in the meantime, let's just keep limiting women's opportunities because of misogynists who want to limit their opportunities.

And if arguably the most privileged woman in the world isn't given the chance because people will try to use bigotry against her, what of all the woman without her privilege? Whose identities provide multiple avenues of attack? When the fuck will they get a chance?

If there is a heaping fuckton of misogyny unleashed on Clinton if and when she's the nominee—and there will be!—that won't be her fault. That will be the fault of the people unleashing it.

Let's keep that in perspective.

[NB: There are legitimate policy reasons to not support Hillary Clinton. That, however, is not on-topic for this post.]

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