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Here is some stuff in the news today...

[Content Note: Rape culture] So, I read in the Guardian today that "Democrats in the Senate on Tuesday introduced a sweeping new bill to guarantee and standardize certain rights for people who have experienced sexual assault. ...The Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act draws from legal rights that already exist in patchwork form in different states across the county." That sounds promising, but I can't find the text of the Senate legislation anywhere. I tweeted at Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, the bill's primary sponsor, asking for text, but no reply. If and when I ever put my hands on the text, I'll have a look and let you know what I think of the legislation.

[CN: Rape culture; sexual assault] Dr. Luke has "broken his silence" on the Kesha case, and, in news that should shock exactly no one, it is terrible: After wholesale denying the allegations, he said, "Imagine if you or somebody you loved was publicly accused of a rape you knew they didn't do. Imagine that. I have 3 sisters, a daughter, and a son with my girlfriend, and a feminist mom who raised me right." Dr. Luke, imagine being raped and no one believes you. Imagine that. P.S. Being related to women doesn't make you not a rapist.

[CN: Video may autoplay at link] Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell "issued his most definitive statement on Tuesday: There will be no Supreme Court nominee confirmed in President Barack Obama's final year in office. In a sharply worded statement on the Senate floor, McConnell bluntly warned the White House that the GOP-controlled Senate would not act on anyone he chooses to sit on the high court. 'Presidents have a right to nominate just as the Senate has its constitutional right to provide or withhold consent,' McConnell said. 'In this case, the Senate will withhold it.'"

Meanwhile, Pew Research Center finds: "In the high-stakes battle over replacing Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, a majority of Americans (56%) say the Senate should hold hearings and vote on President Obama's choice to fill the vacancy."

[CN: Climate change] Well shit: "Sea levels on Earth are rising several times faster than they have in the past 2,800 years and are accelerating because of man-made global warming, according to new studies. An international team of scientists dug into two dozen locations across the globe to chart gently rising and falling seas over centuries and millennia. ...'There's no question that the 20th century is the fastest,' said Rutgers earth and planetary sciences professor Bob Kopp, lead author of the study that looked back at sea levels over the past three millennia. 'It's because of the temperature increase in the 20th century which has been driven by fossil fuel use.'"

This guy: "Justin Trudeau will become the first Canadian Prime Minister to march in a gay Pride parade later this year. Trudeau has previously marched in Pride parades in Vancouver and Toronto. However, this will be the first time he has participated as Prime Minister. Toronto Pride shared the news on Twitter. Trudeau responded saying he was looking forward to taking part in the parade again in his new role as the country's elected leader."

GOOD GRIEF: "Spare a thought for the Catholics of St. Louis, Missouri, weighed down as they are with ponderous spiritual matters. [T]hey must now wrestle with a new moral conundrum: Girl Scout cookies. The ethical dilemma is put pithily on the website of the archdiocese of St. Louis under the headline: 'Can I still buy Girl Scout cookies?' The equally punchy answer states: 'Each person must act in accord with their conscience.' The spiritual crisis over the selling of Thin Mints, Trefoils, and Do-si-dos on Catholic premises has been triggered by the archbishop of St. Louis, Robert Carlson. In a letter circulated to the region's priests and scout leaders, he questions whether the Girl Scout movement is spiritually in line with the teachings of the Catholic church. ...'Girl Scouts is exhibiting a troubling pattern of behavior and it is clear to me that as they move in the ways of the world it is becoming increasingly incompatible with our Catholic values,' the archbishop writes. 'We must stop and ask ourselves—is Girl Scouts concerned with the total well-being of our young women? Does it do a good job forming the spiritual, emotional and personal well-being of Catholic girls?'" LOL.

YES!!! "Audra McDonald made history when she won her sixth Tony Award—the most of any performer—for her portrayal of the iconic Billie Holiday. Two years later, she's bringing her winning performance to the small screen. HBO's Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill is set to air on March 12 at 9 p.m." There's a video trailer at the link.

Gor $6.1 million to spare? Then maybe you'll be interested in buying Byfleet Manor, the 17th century mansion which has served as home to Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess, and is now for sale.

And finally! I love this so much: "Veterinarian Eats in Kennel to Comfort Scared Shelter Dog." This reminds me of the work I had to do with Dudley when he first came to live with us. And now the dog who was so scared he'd pee on himself if I got near him sleeps on top of me every chance he gets. Timid dogs just need patience and love. ♥

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