The Laziest Little Misogynists

[Content Note: Misogyny; harassment.]

My day started this morning, as so many of my days do, with some rando misogynist on Twitter responding to one of my tweets by telling me he bets I never get laid.

Which was obviously a perfect response and definitely didn't prove the very point I was making about misogynist men.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I love how misogynists insist on believing that feminist women value ourselves by their assessment of our fuckability. Whoooooooops!

2. There has literally never been a single time where some misogynist wreck has pronounced he doesn't want to fuck me, and I thought: "Awww damn."

3. This shit offends me as a woman but also a person of wit. Is there anything more creatively bankrupt than the old "feminists are ugly/fat/hairy/unfuckable" chestnut? It's been done. Get a new shtick, trolls.

Of course, I can't even recall the last time I received a bit of misogynist harassment that I hadn't already seen eleventy biebillion times before. Misogynists are so fucking lazy.

Let us commence to share in comments every bit of lazy misogynist harassment we've seen endlessly disgorged by lazy misogynists straight out of the Lazy Misogynist Harasser's Handbook. Aaaaaaand go!

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