An Observation

One of the things that people say, in order to discourage people who fight for social justice, is that the world will never change and will always be terrible.

And, despite bits and pieces of progress, here and there, the nagging suspicion that might be true is one of the things that can demoralize people who fight for social justice.

Maybe they're right. Maybe the world will always be terrible, in one way or another.

But this is the thought that sustains me, always: Maybe what we're doing is making that world tolerable for individual people in it. And that's no small thing.

To care about other people is always important.

It might be the most important thing. Especially in a world that cares about so few.

So what if they are right? That only urges me to care harder.

It does not give me reason to care less. And it certainly does not give me reason to stop expecting more.

[Reposted for anyone who needs it right now. With special thanks to Shaker GoldFishy, for always being a rock solid friend.]

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