We've previously had super fun threads (the most recent) in which we share images of our tattoos and discuss the process of choosing art and what it's like to get tattooed, etc., so here's another one! Share your ink, talk about your tattoos, ask questions of inked folks if you're considering getting a tattoo, whatever you like!

* * *

This weekend, Shaker masculine_lady came to visit, and one of the things she wanted to do while she was here was get a tattoo from one of my tattoo artists, Jake, who's done my beetle, my abstract leg piece, my POW!, my sassy cat, and my jellyfish.

And, with her permission, here is the incredible result:

image of a tattoo on masculine_lady's calf: a fat female cardinal with its wings raised and a 'come at me bro' expression on its face
"Come at me, bro!"

This was a pretty significant calf piece, and she sat through it like A CHAMP!

Because obviously a tattoo day isn't really a tattoo day unless everyone gets tattoos, I had Jake go ahead and add the wing to my bee, because I never did decide what word I wanted inside of it, and then add some text above:

image of my forearm on which is viewable just the top part of my tattoo of a thistle and a bee, with the newly added bee wing and text reading REVIRESCO

"Reviresco" is the motto of Clan MacEwen, and it means "I grow strong again" (or "I grow verdant again"), which is a sentiment that's meaningful to me on an individual level, as a survivor—and also meaningful to me as one person in the partnership illustrated by this sleeve, a partnership that's built around helping each other be and stay and become strong.

Also, I just think it has a really cool fucking sound to it, lol. REVIRESCO!

So: What's up with you?

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