We've previously had super fun threads (the most recent) in which we share images of our tattoos and discuss the process of choosing art and what it's like to get tattooed, etc., so here's another one! Share your ink, talk about your tattoos, ask questions of inked folks if you're considering getting a tattoo, whatever you like!

On my day of briefly visiting the world again, my oft-mentioned friend Ari and I finally got matching tattoos we've been talking about getting for ages.

image of Ari's brown arm and my white arm held together, showing off our matching tats: Sassy cats wearing cats eye glasses, holding opposite ends of tin can and string phones

I did the basic design of the sassy cat in cats eye glasses holding the tin can and string phone, and Lui (who's done half of my previous tattoos and a shoulder piece for Ari) perfected my drawing. Ari and I then picked the two colors we wanted—she picked papaya pink, and I picked a dark teal—and then we each got a cat with those two colors: Hers pink with teal stripes, and mine teal with pink stripes.

Once the stencils had been applied, Jake (who's done the other half of my previous tattoos) then hand-drew the string onto each of our arms so that they would match perfectly when we put them together.

Lui did Ari's tattoo while Jake did mine. It was such a fun afternoon, because we are all very silly, and also because it was special to have two dudes who are great friends themselves do our friendship tattoos.

It took awhile for us to decide on what we wanted—not for lack of ideas or lack of agreement, but because we both liked so many ideas!—but once I suggested the idea of the cats on the tin can and string phones, we knew that was the one. Because, of course, we can always, always, call on each other for anything, but also because we literally have matching cats lol.

Her Penny and my Olivia look like twins, by sheer coincidence, since Penny was found abandoned at a truck stop and Olivia fell off a vehicle in front of Iain and me on the highway. Even more coincidentally, our friend Ant, who introduced us in high school, has a cat who looks like their triplet!

Anyway. Got any new ink lately? Planning on getting some soon? Got questions for veteran tattoo sporters? Have at it in comments!

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