Winter Storms Cold Flu Ugh Ugh Ugh

[Content Note: Extreme weather; illness. Video may autoplay at links.]

A "potentially historic" winter storm is headed for the East Coast of the United States, with blizzard conditions and more than two feet of snow forecast in seven states. If the storm is only half as bad as predicted, it's still going to be a rough one.

Here's hoping that warming centers get up and running in every place they are needed, and that no one who has heat loses it during or following the storm.

In other news, I'm hearing about more and more people suffering with the same ZOMBIE FLU that I've got. Just sick, sick, and more sick, for weeks at a time. This seems to be a particularly awful flu season.

I thought that maybe getting out of the house would help, at least by raising my spirits, so I had a bit of a fun day on Saturday, only to then sleep for 18 straight hours when I got home. Whoooooops so much for that idea!

How's winter going for you? Are you sick? In the storm path? Prepping for the worst and hoping for the best? Discuss.

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