This Guy. Jesus Jones.

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is soooooo tired of hearing about the minimum wage, also had a few other neat things to say during his appearance at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington:
Christie launched a preemptive strike Tuesday against some potential Republican rivals for the White House, saying the "experiment" of promoting a lawmaker to president has failed—and arguing that Republicans must nominate a governor in 2016.

..."To have any chance of electing a Republican president, there's a bunch of things we need to do. But the first is to have a good bench of Republican candidates," Christie [who is chairman of the Republican Governors Association] said. "And I am convinced that the next president of the United States is going to be a governor—and needs to be."

Christie continued: "We have had an experiment of a legislator who has never run anything getting on-the-job training in the White House. It has not been pretty. And so we need to have a big and broad bench of good, experienced Republican governors to select from in 2016."

..."I'm tired of listening to people complain about how we can't get anything done. The fact of the matter is, if you want to get something done, you need to lead," Christie said.
Yes, the problem with President Barack Obama is that he wasn't first a governor and doesn't know how to lead. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican House majority and Republican Senate obstructionists who refuse to let him get anything done. Come on, Christie. This is typical Republican mendacity, but Christie's whole shtick is that he speaks the truth, no matter who's "offended." To hear him tell it, he's John McCain's Straight Talk Express on nitrous oxide.
In a brief interview with National Journal after his speech, Christie was unapologetic about his remarks -- and acknowledged they wouldn't be well-received by certain presidential aspirants.

"Listen, I just say what I believe, and whoever is offended is offended," Christie said.

Christie, who already has publicly feuded with [Senator Rand Paul], added with a sly smile: "Everybody's entitled to their opinion."
Well, maybe not everybody.
Christie's remarks about education reform provoked something of a shouting match with an audience member who asked Christie about homeless children getting lost in the education system. When the man attempted to rebut Christie's response, the governor shouted him down, saying: "This is an answer to your question. It's not a debate, OK?"
Christie is just another bully who claims his bullying is having strong opinions and being willing to say them. He's basically a shitty dudebro comedian who tells harmful jokes and then accuses people who don't laugh of being humorless and delicate, or being unable to handle the truth!
Appropriately, Christie used his speech to preview a potential slogan for his 2016 campaign: "It's time to start offending people."

Telling hard truths to the American voter, Christie promised the establishment-friendly crowd, is how he built crossover appeal and won reelection easily in a dark-blue state.

"Pain will be involved. Some people will be unhappy," Christie said, speaking slowly for emphasis. "And if you're in these jobs so that everybody will love you, go home."

He paused, then added: "I don't care if I'm loved. I want to be respected."
How about neither?

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