Sounds Legit

[Content Note: Christian Supremacy; anti-atheism; holocaust reference.]

This is a sitting Republican congressman:
Last month, Rep. Trent Franks appeared on a conference call with Virginia pastor and failed lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson to discuss dangers to America's survival, where they both agreed that the separation of church and state is bringing the country down.

Jackson asked the Arizona congressman about the "profound threat to Christianity in general and to our Christian foundations in this country," which he said comes from President Obama and the "drumbeat of atheism that attacks everything, 'get the cross down,' 'don't show a Bible,' 'don't wear a cross,' 'don't say God bless you.' It just seems like every day we're hearing some new effort to try to shut Christians up and shut us down."

"The litany that you listed there is so right, dead-on," Franks responded, before warning that IS may succeed in committing violence against Christians because "the secular left" in America is diluting the country's Christian heritage. He said that IS may rise into power just as the Nazis did even though at one point they were just "a bunch of idiots riding across France [sic] in their brownshirts."
This is a sitting Republican congressman.

He's definitely got a point, though. Everywhere I look there is evidence we are about to become a godless society, like: Our Christian president; our last Christian president; our Christian presidents before that; their almost exclusively Christian administrations who relentlessly pander to conservative and/or moderate Christians; the almost totally Christian Supreme Court; an almost entirely Christian Congress who start each session with a prayer; the millions and millions of other US Christians whose views are reflected in various state laws across the country (from prohibitions on same-sex marriage to not being able to buy booze on a Sunday), whose views are reflected in various federal laws (like disallowing federal money to subsidize abortions), whose holidays are also national holidays, whose holy book must be sworn on in state and federal courts, and whose churches are not required to pay taxes; guaranteed freedom of religion; money that says "In God We Trust"; a pledge of allegiance that describes us as "one nation under God"; television networks who will accept advertising from conservative religious groups but not liberal political groups; schools who are incorporating a religious belief into science classes; conscience clauses for pharmacists and healthcare providers; religion-based residential communities being built; religious museums and amusement parks springing up throughout the country; religious leaders being given diplomatic immunity; faith-based initiatives being federally funded; and our national media being constantly embroiled in a debate about in which god the president believes.

We are on the precipice, people!


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