[Content Note: Misogyny.]

For a very, very long time, I have been following and documenting media coverage of Hillary Clinton. I've been paid to write articles about misogyny used against Clinton, and I've been mentioned in a book as a key observer of misogyny used against Clinton in the media during the 2008 election. I've spent enormous amounts of time documenting how she was told to GTFO during the '08 primary, to step aside and let Barack Obama make history, and how she has been publicly admonished that she must run in 2016, and how she is now, once again, being told to GTFO, before she's even declared her candidacy (or lack thereof).

The point is, I have spent a lot of time reading how members of the media talk about Hillary Clinton, thinking about how members of the media talk about Hillary Clinton, and deconstructing how members of the media talk about Hillary Clinton.

And you need to understand that so you can really understand what it means when I say: This is one of the biggest piece of shit articles I have ever read about Hillary Clinton.

"Has America ever been so thoroughly tired of a candidate before the campaign even began?" Molly Ball asks.

Yes. Hillary Clinton, in 2007. When she nearly won the Democratic nomination for the US presidency, and would almost certainly have beat John McCain as handily as the gentleman in whose administration she went on to serve as a wildly popular Secretary of State.

Everyone hates Hillary. Until the media decides it's time to love her again.

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