By popular demand (and thank you to everyone who sent this to me!), here is a terrific video of a pitbull puppy greeting the man who'd rescued him the day before: "Joey Wagner, who is an animal rescuer from Nova Scotia, came across the badly mange-infested pup all by itself out in the cold and immediately brought the little guy to a vet for some much needed care. When Joey turned up the day after to check in on the puppy (who had to be completely shaved due to the terrible mange), the pup was so overcome with joy that he jumped right into the loving embrace of his rescuer. Joey decided to keep the puppy and named him Mojo."

At a vet's office, a vet tech who is a thin white woman, holds a shaved, pink puppy, wearing a tiny t-shirt for warmth, on an exam table. Joey, a bearded, fat white man wearing a baseball cap, leans over the table and looks at the puppy.

"What are you smelling?" he asks the puppy, who is sniffing something on the table. "Hi, Mojo," he whispers, as the puppy stands up. "Hi."

Mojo sniffs Joey in recognition, then moves toward his face. The woman laughs as Mojo licks Joey's nose. Mojo walks toward Joey and begins nudging and licking him with the desperate fervor of a dog so happy to see someone they would crawl inside them and live there forever if they could. Joey nuzzles and cuddles him, and Mojo's wee tail wags furiously.

"It's making me teary-eyed," says the vet, a thin white woman.

Mojo rears up on his back feet and puts his tiny front paws on Joey's chest and then on his face. The vet and the vet tech laugh. Mojo licks and nibbles at Joey's face. Joey gently picks up Mojo and holds him over his shoulder like a baby. "That's a good boy," he tells him.

Mojo paws at Joey's face. Kisses and nibbles and wiggles. Joey gently strokes his back. "What are you doing?" he asks, as Mojo bats off his baseball cap. "Wow, he plays with us, but not like that!" exclaims either the vet or vet tech, offscreen. More wiggly affection. "How ya doing?" Joey asks him. "How ya been?"

Joey gently sets Mojo's tiny little butt on the edge of the exam table and carefully pulls down and smooths his t-shirt, which has gotten all bunched up. "Whaddaya think, huh?" Joey asks him. "You ready to go home?" More adorable wriggly cuddles.
Though this was only posted on Viralnova a few days ago, the video is a couple years old. Via his Facebook page, where his guardians have shared his rescue story to help raise funds for other animals in need, here is a picture of big, beautiful Mojo, all grown up and relaxing in the forever home he shares with the man who saved him:

image of a large white and brown-speckled pitbull, sitting on a sofa with a rawhide between his paws
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