Tweet of the Day

[Content Note: References to genocidal regimes and terrorists; racism.]

screen cap of tweet authored by Republican North Carolina State Senator Bob Rucho reading: 'Justice Robert's pen & Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis, Soviets & terrorists combined.'

He seems like a neat guy.

After people took issue with his contention that the President's initiative to give millions of people access to healthcare insurance is worse than some of the worst atrocities of the last century, Senator Rucho followed up with a second tweet reading: "Those that tweeted, put your thinking caps back on: 'The PEN is mightier than the SWORD.' Edward Bulwar-Lytton, 1839. But surely you knew that."


I haven't bothered to look, because I've got better things to do, like watch paint dry and stub my toe on the piano leg for the one billionth time, but I'm guessing that either Senator Rucho and/or a number of his supporters have already made it very plain that the Senator "is no racist!" That he's just criticizing this President in the same way he would criticize anyone.


I believe that Senator Rucho, and all the rest of the members of his totes not racist party, would indeed criticize any Democratic President for health insurance reform legislation that was originally a Republican proposal and is essentially a huge corporate handout to for-profit insurance companies. And I believe this because there is ample evidence that Republicans have no goddamn integrity. So, I definitely believe that part!

What I do not believe is that this level of hyperbole, this extremist violent rhetoric, would be aimed at a white president. And then defended. Over and over and over.

In any case, Senator Rucho and the rest of the Republican Party, come to me with your criticisms of this President's expansions of the social safety net once you have a healthcare plan of your own that's even marginally more sophisticated than: "Don't have insurance? FOAD."

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