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Here is some stuff in the news today!

RIP Joan Fontaine.

RIP Peter O'Toole.

[Content Note: Terrorist threat] "Four buildings at Harvard University were evacuated and morning final exams were canceled Monday after the school said it had "unconfirmed" reports of explosives." There have been no explosions, and the university is providing updates while wisely proceeding with an "abundance of caution."

[CN: Medical malfeasance] This is a very long but very interesting article about the intersection of medicine and Big Pharma and marketing. The article uses ADHD as a case study, but it's merely one example of the potential problems with a for-profit healthcare system.

[CN: Clergy abuse; please note that video begins playing automatically at link] Five Philadelphia priests have been removed and one has been placed on leave following allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct that resulted in an investigation following a grand jury report in Feb. '11.

[CN: Misogyny] Ross Douthat wrote another terrific (not terrific) column, this time on "The Daughter Theory." Sure.

[CN: Class warfare; exploitation] Maybe there are things more important than hot sauce. Like people.

[CN: Misogyny] In news that will shock no one who pays the slightest bit of attention to the world, a study "conducted by University College London's Infectious Disease Research Network has found that U.K. female scientists working on infectious diseases are far less likely to receive grants than their male counterparts. And when they do receive funding, they get significantly less of it than their science bros."

[CN: Homophobia] Mary Bishop and Sharon Baldwin are still waiting for a hearing date nine years after filing suit to challenge Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriage.

The NSA is considering offering whistleblower Edward Snowden amnesty in exchange for a promise to stop leaking documents.

Neat! "The detection of a primordial B-mode polarization signal in the microwave background would amount to finding the first tremors of the Big Bang."

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