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[Content Note: War on agency.]

"Why did they start with abortion clinics? Because it begins with the letter 'A'?"—7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, sarcastically questioning Daniel Lennington, Wisconsin's assistant attorney general, "about why lawmakers singled out abortion clinics in requiring their doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals."
At times appearing exasperated, Posner repeatedly interrupted Lennington, asking why lawmakers — if it's true they saw the law as primarily a public health measure and not an anti-abortion bill — focused on abortion clinics and not other outpatient clinics, such as those performing laparoscopic surgeries.

"Why did they start with abortion clinics? Because it begins with the letter 'A'?" Posner asked.

Lennington answered, "I don't have a conjecture (about why)." Later, in response to similar questions, Lennington said it was the prerogative of legislators to act as they did.

Posner also cited figures that just .3 percent of abortions have medical complications. Asked if there were records of women dying in Wisconsin after abortions, Lennington said he didn't know.

At that point, Posner said about the law, "It doesn't sound reasonable. It sounds irrational."

[Via @TrustWomen.]

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