I Am Having a Hard Time with the World Right Now

[Content Note: Gendered violence; guns; terrorism.]

Someone is targeting women in Waukegan, IL, and shooting them with a BB gun:
In north suburban Waukegan, someone is shooting a BB gun or pellet gun at women.

Six women have been targeted so far. Investigators say all but one of the victims was female, and the one man who was hit was with a group of women.

Police say some of the victims have had to go to the hospital. One person was struck in the face. Another woman who was targeted was visibly pregnant.

Photos released by Waukegan police show some of the injuries sustained by the female victims, the BBs or pellets piercing the skin.

"We do believe them to be very serious injuries, and the potential for extraordinary injuries is very apparent," said Sgt. Cory Kelly, Waukegan Police Dept.

Police say at least half a dozen incidents have been reported in various parts of Waukegan. And though investigators won't say where they've occurred, all the victims were struck near intersections while on foot.

The news was alarming to the many out for a stroll Tuesday.

"It's just scary. All we're trying to do is get a little exercise done and enjoy the nice weather out in the sun," said Jami Imroth, Waukegan resident.
All we're trying to do is live our lives, but instead we're being terrorized by some asshole who thinks it's hilarious to shoot women like we're prey.

I don't know how the women and man who have been hit will feel about this, long-term. How it will affect them, if at all. But I hope they get the support they need. I imagine there's going to be a lot of "what's the big deal; it's only a BB gun," and I suspect there already is, which is why that police sergeant is talking about how these are serious injuries. The mindfuck of knowing you were stalked and targeted because you're a woman can be a pretty serious injury, too.

I wish them safety and peace. And I hope there are no more victims.

Iain and I were married at the Waukegan courthouse. Which makes this feel close. The other day, a man was shot at the gas station I always use, right near my house. The gun culture is starting to feel a lot like the terrorist culture, at least to this member of the no-gun culture.

[H/T to Jordan.]

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