Here is a thing that happens.

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

1. I write a post about things men do to women that harm us. The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck. Or Survivors Are So Sensitive. Or How Men Are Socialized to Express Ownership of Women. Or How to Have Good Faith Conversations with Women about Feminist Issues. Or And Then This Happened. Or the post I wrote yesterday: I Write Letters. Etc.

2. I get an angry outpouring from men who accuse me of hating men. An actual sample quote in response to yesterday's piece: "It's no wonder men treat you like that since you obviously hate us."

I'm sharing this so we can all appreciate the absurdity of the thought that my appeals to men to stop engaging in mistreatment of women constitutes my hatred of men. What a fun bit of projection that is!

But I'm also sharing this because the reason I write these posts, aside from validating the lived experiences of other women, is because there are men who genuinely don't want to harm women and find these posts useful. And I hope those men appreciate the abuse I get as the cost of your education.

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