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"This is a great victory for the free speech rights of all North Carolinians, regardless of their point of view on reproductive freedom. The government cannot create an avenue of expression for one side of a contentious political issue while denying an equal opportunity to citizens with the opposite view."—Chris Brook, legal director of the ACLU's North Carolina Legal Foundation, after U.S. District Court Judge James Fox, age 84, ruled "that North Carolina cannot issue 'Choose Life' license plates without offering a choice of plates with alternate viewpoints."

Republicans in the state legislature have repeatedly refused to approve pro-choice license plates. And further proving the anti-choice side's intellectual mettle:
The ruling sparked a litany of criticism and opposing arguments from pro-life advocates. One legal analyst, who served as a consultant for defendants of the "Choose Life" plate, posed a question about whether the ruling meant the state now will have to offer a "Kill The Sea Turtles" license plate to counter the "Save The Sea Turtles" one.
Good grief.

Luckily, Brook had something to say about that, too: "For there to be unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination there must be dueling viewpoints. Until there is a group devoted to turtle destruction, there aren't exactly the same concerns in that example as the current controversy."

Ha ha but no one hates sea turtles the way rightwingers hate women's agency.

Don't worry, sea turtles! As long as there is a functioning uterus in the United States of America, you are safe!

(Not really—but no one wants to brag on a license plate about their garbage policies endangering sea turtles like they do their garbage policies turning people with uteri into state-owned incubators.)

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