Care of Deeky, with help from Shaker blue_eyed_raven, a great moment in presidential debating, from one of the debates between then-President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry during the 2004 election:

Bush: I own a timber company? [pause; laughter] That's news to me, heh heh. [laughter; lengthy pause] Need some wood? Heh heh. [laughter]
It might have been news to him, but it was true. At the time, reported: "President Bush himself would have qualified as a 'small business owner' under the Republican definition, based on his 2001 federal income tax returns. He reported $84 of business income from his part ownership of a timber-growing enterprise... The Lone Star Trust currently owns 50% of another company, LSTF, LLC, described on Bush's 2003 financial disclosure forms as a limited-liability company organized 'for the purpose of the production of trees for commercial sales.'"

President for eight years, ladies, gentlemen, and gender rebels. Yikes.

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