You've Got MittMail(TM)!

Obviously, subscribing to Mitt "Airplanes, how the fuck do they work?" Romney's email list was a brilliant move on my part:

Mitt's a warm, friendly guy -- and a very proud grandpa -- who just happens to be running for president.

If you happen to win this "On Board" contest and end up meeting Mitt on the campaign plane at 30,000 feet -- I'm sure you'll find him to be as grounded and down to earth as I do. But the contest ends tonight.

So donate $3 before midnight tonight to be automatically enrolled for a chance to join Mitt on the campaign plane.

[Image of Mitt presumably joking within some passengers about their portfolios; upon the image "ON BOARD with MITT-- We'll save two lucky winners a seat on the campaign plane" is written, along with the Air Romney logo]
Tough luck Shakers, "midnight tonight" was earlier this morning!

As for me, I'll take my chances with American Eagle. At least this well-timed email reminded me to check Outlook to see if I "just happen to be running for president."

PS: Accord to Outlook, it turns out I'm not running for president, but I just happen to have a doctor's appointment next Monday.

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