This is a real thing in the world.

The Mitt Romney Victory Wallet:

screen cap of text of an email asking people to sign up for the Mitt Romney Victory Wallet
If you haven't signed up for Victory Wallet yet, we have at least three good reasons why you should.

First of all, we are offering a free, limited edition gold "R" pin to those who create a Victory Wallet account today. This is a real collector's item -- as only a limited number of pins have been produced -- so sign up for Victory Wallet to get yours.

Second, Victory Wallet only takes a minute to set up and will save you ample time in the future. Just save your credit card information to your MyMitt account, and you'll be able to make donations instantly online.

Third, it's never been this fast or easy to donate and support Romney Victory. With Victory Wallet, you can make donations in one quick and easy step via email, Web, or mobile phone.

Sign up for Victory Wallet and get your free gold "R" pin today:

We have less than 50 days until the election to help get Mitt and the entire Republican team elected -- let's get it done.
Eastsidekate got this in her email, because there's an app for Mitt, and not only did it tell her a nanosecond before Dana Milbank who Mitt Romney chose as his running mate, but it now constantly spams her inbox. Free market, bitchez.

Naturally, she immediately forwarded the email to me because: 1. She's at work; and 2. VICTORY WALLET!

OMGLOLFOREVER. Victory Wallet.



It's never been this fast or easy to donate to Mitt Romney! SIGN ME UP! The thing that's been holding me back from donating ALL THE MONEY to Mitt Romney is that I couldn't do it FAST ENOUGH! Also, that gold pin sounds terrific.

Although I do think an actual wallet made from 100% genuine Romney Family Bootstraps would have been a much nicer freebie.


"Victory Wallet is Romney's Secret Service code name."—Eastsidekate. LULZ.

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