Justin Trudeau's Leadership Bid (or Not)

In today's news comes a report that Justin Trudeau, Liberal MP for Papineau (and son of Margaret Sinclair and the late former PM Pierre Trudeau) is throwing his hat into the arena for leadership of the Liberal Party. Then again, there's his announcement of a non-announcement as well.

I've really not had time to digest this information or formulate much analysis of it, but I thought that Canadian Shakers (and other Shakers interested in Canadian politics) might want to discuss the strong-ish possibility of a Trudeau run.


My initial reaction to the idea of a Trudeau leadership is cautiously enthusiastic. I've been impressed with the way he grappled with a family background that inevitably thrust him into the spotlight. He's made a career of trying to wield his influence, his intellect, and his considerable charisma for good at home and abroad. (His official biography, for those who are interested. His Wikipedia entry.) if his enthusiasm and drive could rejuvenate the Libeals, i think that would be for the best. Although my own politics lean more NDP, I do not think it's good for Canada to have a less-than-healthy Liberal Party; it makes it easier for the Harpercons to shift the "centre" steadily rightward.

That's not to say his leadership would be without problems. He's been heavily and bluntly critical of Quebec sovereignty, complicating the party's prospects in francophone Quebec. He's still inexperienced, a quality which has doomed many a politician. I'm not keen on this back-and-forth dance about stepping into the ring, either.

(And he may well have other disadvantages or negative qualities which I am leaving out, not from a desire to whitewash, but because I am (a) not aware of them or (b) because my brain is a leaky sieve of slowly disappearing information and I can't think of them this morning.)

Still: Trudeau makes me feel inspired and optimistic--and that is no small thing in today's world. I very much like the Canada he seems to believe in. It sounds a lot like he one I believe in, too.

Any thoughts, Shakers?

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