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Tils Wants Something, Part Two

[Part One]

Video Description: Matilda the Cat, with her new lion cut for summer, sits on the bathroom sink. "What is it, Tils?" I ask her. "What do you want?" She rubs her face on the faucet (pausing momentarily to listen as Zelda can be be heard trotting by in the hallway). "What do you want?" Rubs. Looks at me. "What?" Rub rub rub. Looks at me. "I can't tell what you want—I'm sorry," I tell her. Rub rub rub. "Can you make it a little more clear what you want from me?" She mews at me. "I don't—I don't know what that means." Rub rub rub. Looks at me. "I don't know. Tell me, Matilda." Rub rub rub. She mews. "Yeah, I mean, I kinda think that maybe it has something to do with the sink, but I'm really not sure." Rub rub rub. "Do you need to use the toilet?" Rub rub rub. "Do you wanna brush your teeth?" Rub rub rub. "Do you need to wash your hands?" Rub rub rub. "All right." I reach out and turn on the sink for her. She mews. "Okay." Mew! She dips her paw into the stream then licks the water off her paw. "Somehow I managed to figure it out," I tell her. She leans in and begins to lap at the stream.

Below the fold, pictures of all five furry residents of Shakes Manor, in ascending age order...

image of Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt standing by the open front door, grinning
Zelda, being her usual happy self.

image of Dudley the Greyhound, lying on his back on the couch with the legs in the air and looking at me
Dudley, being his usual goofy self.

Sophie the Cat lying on the chaise, looking sleepy
Sophie, feeling sleepy.

Olivia the Cat lying on the chaise, looking at me with narrowed eyes
Olivia, disinclined to take any shit.

Matilda the Cat lying on the couch, grooming herself
Matilda, grooming herself pre-lion cut.

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