Tils Wants Something

I just can't figure out what it is!

[Transcript below.]
[Tils is on the bathroom sink, rubbing her face against the faucet.]

Tils: Mrow. Mrrrrow!

Liss: Whatsa matter?

Tils: [looks at Liss] Eoww!

Liss: What?

Tils: [rubs face on faucet] Rrrahhh!

Liss: Whatsa problem?

Tils: [looks around exasperatedly] Rreww.

Liss: [laughs] What's the problem, Tils?

Tils: Eoww! [rubs face on faucet]

Liss: Is there a problem?

Tils: [looks at Liss] Yah-eroo!

Liss: What?

Tils: [rubs face on faucet] Mrow. Yrow.

Liss: [laughs] What is it?

Tils: [looks at Liss] Yow. [rubs face on faucet]

Liss: I can't figure out what you want.

[Tils rubs face madly on faucet.]

Liss: What do you want?

Tils: [looks at Liss] Mrow!

Liss: Can you be a little clearer?

Tils: [runs at camera] Myahhhh! Yahhhh!

Liss: What?

[Tils runs back into sink and looks pathetic.]

Liss: Oh dear.

Tils: Myah! Yah!

Liss: That's so sad. [turns on faucet]

[Tils, in standard practice, dips left ear into stream of water, then takes a few sips, then looks at Liss and licks lips, as if to say thanks.]

Liss: Izzat better?

[Tils licks lips; looks at water.]

Liss: Go on then.

[Tils laps at water with adorable pink tongue.]

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