WTF Ricky Gervais?

[Trigger warning.]

More Ricky Gervais FAIL.

For those who can't see/hear the video, he's recounting a "game" he invented called "Offal Jim-Jam," in which he pulls a bit of his junk through the flapfront of his pajama bottoms, then shows it to his girlfriend and asks, "Cock or balls?"
When I invented it, I was so pleased with myself. And I played it on my girlfriend, and she got it wrong! [laughs]
What a dumbass! Ha ha! Girls are so stupid.

Lest there be any doubt about the nature of this "game," note that Gervais says he "played it on" his girlfriend. Games aren't things you play on people, are they? No—I believe those are called tricks.

A sexual prank may be the sort of thing that's funny in the privacy of one's own home, between consenting partners who presumably have established boundaries about what's acceptable sexual behavior. But publicly sharing stories about exposing yourself to your partner, and exhorting audience members to do it, when we live in a rape culture where Frank the Flasher is an acceptable Halloween costume, is just fucked up.

Especially when you're including rape jokes in your stand-up material and in the new film you wrote, directed, and star in.

I love, btw, how he says you can play the game with "your mum," but leaves out "your boyfriend." Gays—nonexistent. Incest—hilarious!

And so the Ricky Gervais "Rape Is Hilarious" tour continues…

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