Generally Horrendo

image of Mitt Romney walking on a tarmac with a suitcase, a huge plane in the background, to which I have added a dialogue bubble reading: 'Where the fudge is my plane, y'all?'

I know what you're thinking: Mitt Romney doesn't say "y'all"! Well, sure he does. Especially when he's eating grits. So there.

The most important Mitt Romney news today is that he is terrible. In related news, President Obama is less terrible.

Here are some news stories vaguely or directly associated with one of those two facts!

CNN: House Passes $643 Billion Defense Bill. Perfect. That definitely sounds like a perfect amount to spend on defense. I hope we can buy SO MANY HAMMERS and then find lots of nails to hit them with. Or at least things that look like nails, especially when you're holding a hammer. Oh, fuck, we'll just call it a nail and get a guy named Curveball to nod sagely. That'll be good enough. MORE MONEY FOR MORE HAMMERS!

The Hill: Mayor Cory Booker Walks Back Criticism of Obama Tactics as 'Nauseating'. Too bad. Not that he walked it back, but that he didn't walk back the false equivalence he drew while standing by the valid criticism of obfuscating serious issues with bullshit campaigning.

Washington Post: White House Visitor Logs Provide Window into Lobbying Industry. Hey, remember when Obama was gonna hopeandchange lobbying out of Washington? Ha ha whooooooooops!

Think Progress: Grover Norquist: Trying to Stop Billionaires from Dodging Taxes Makes You a Nazi. Sure.

Raw Story: Cheney to Host Romney Fundraiser in July. Sounds like the best party of all the parties, obviously.

Digby: They Just Don't Like Us. No, no they don't.

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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