Daily Dose of Cute

One of the special treats I save for Dudley and Zelly on hot days is meatcicles—unsalted beef stock cubes I've frozen in ice cube trays. They basically think this is the greatest thing ever. Last week, when we had a really sweltering, humid day, I sent them outside with the first meatcicles of the summer.

Video Description: Zelda lies on a path in the garden, licking the meatcicle she holds between her paws. She lifts her head at a sound, does a double-take as she notices me walking toward her, then goes back to her meatcicle. Chomp chomp chomp. I walk toward her. Lickity lick. "Is that good, Zelly?" I ask her. "Do you like that, Zelly Belly? Such a good girl." Munch munch munch. Cut to Dudley lying in the grass in one of his usual awkward positions, licking his meatcicle slowly, luxuriating in its delicious meatiness. As I get close to him, he grumbles and gives me the side-eye. "Go on, git it!" I tell him. He goes back to licking it. "I'm not taking it away. Ya little brat." Lick lick lick lick lick. Cut back to Zelda, who's got her butt in the air as she munches on the last bit of her meatcicle. She stands up when she realizes it's gone and sniffs the ground. Dudley comes harrumphing down the path toward us, licking his lips. "Did you enjoy that, Dudley?" I ask him. He looks around, and, once satisfied that Zelda's is all gone, too, he heads for the door. "Oh, what a good boy," I say. Zelly watches him walk by, then puts her nose back to the ground, searching for any little bits she might have missed.

image of Zelly and Dudz sniffing my hand
"Just want to make sure you gots no more treats in there, Two-Legs!"

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