Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Reproductive rights.]

"I'm surprised that supporters of abortion would think this is a good move. They are lessening the medical requirements for someone who can do an abortion. That does nothing to promote safety or to protect women's health."—Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life [sic] Committee, bitterly complaining in the hyperbolic fashion typical to anti-choice assholes about legislation introduced in California that seeks to expand "who would be able to perform the procedure in the state. Under a bill that passed its first committee hearing Tuesday, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physician assistants would be able to perform what is known as an 'aspiration' abortion, which is the most common abortion procedure and takes place in the first trimester of a pregnancy."

Tobias' contention that creating more abortion providers "does nothing to promote safety or to protect women's health" is, of course, based on the erroneous assertion that there are not women who need abortions for reasons of health (physical and/or psychological) and personal safety. There are.

It's fun to watch the indignation at pro-choicers chipping back, isn't it?

[Via Digby.]

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