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Irin Carmon at Salon: How to Kill an Abortion Bill. I'm not going to excerpt it; just go read the whole thing.

The thing I want to say is that Jessica Luther is a friend of mine. We met through blogging, and, even though we live a thousand miles apart, it turns out we have some friends offline in common, through strange coincidence and the world being a small place sometimes.

She's not just a great activist; she's a great person. She's smart, she works hard like whoa, she's funny as fuck, and she is supportive and encouraging. A person who knows how to be a friend as well as an ally. There are days when a well-timed message from her has made the difference between collapsing into a useless heap and pushing back up against the grindstone with the teeth-gritting resolve and fierce determination that only is possible by knowing someone's got your back, someone who really understands.

She's a great fucking broad, is what she is.

And I'm not just sharing that to flatter her (although she deserves ALL the flattery); I'm sharing that because I think it's important to talk about how most of the women and men who do this work, who put themselves out there, and weather the threats and abuse, and navigate an ocean of legislative, cultural, and personal shit every day, are not just tough, but kind.

I love you, lady.

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