Dane Cook to Star in "Gender Comedy" for NBC

image of Dane Cook sitting in the grass making a 'How you doin'?' face, to which I have added text reading 'Ladies.'

Dane Cook, he of the rape jokes and double-finger salute, will star in a new sitcom pilot for NBC called "Next Caller Please," in which he will play a "grouchy alpha male DJ." Sounds GREAT! And it gets even better:
The single-camera series revolves around Cam Doherty, a brash alpha male DJ and his feminist co-host set in the office of a satellite radio station.

Cook will play Cam, the disheveled, unshaven, hung-over and purposely detached magnetic grouch who doesn't like that his co-host is a woman.

...Collette Wolfe will play his co-host, Stella, in the gender comedy, while Joy Osmanski is on board to portray Winnie, Stella's producer, who recruits her to the radio show.
Ha ha you see it's FUNNY because she's a FEMINIST (a character who I'm sure TOTALLY won't be written as an MRA-drawn caricature of a feminist AT ALL!) and a "brash alpha male" harassing, belittling, mocking, needling, and bullying a feminist woman in a professional environment is GREAT COMEDY FODDER, and not at all the very thing that makes life a fucking misery for countless women.

NBC, let me save you some trouble. You remember what happened to ABC after they broadcast the profoundly contemptuous "Work It"...? Well, get ready for a category 5 shit-storm if you have the terrible sense to actually produce and broadcast this misogynist swill.

And here's some free advice: Any project that can be described as a "gender comedy" in the age of a global war on women [content note: violence and hostility toward female autonomy] is straight-up GARBAGE.

Have a nice day.

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